Name: Vmbro Fl. (1)

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 3B3

Color image of immediate environs of Vmbro Fl. (1)

ItMiller 289 wants the name to refer, not to a route station, but to the river (#24), even though (as he realizes) it is written in black ink, not red; he believes the figures XV and X following Vmbro Fl. to be distances from Bitvriza, therefore. I hesitate to concur on either count. The river name is given, as usual, at its source; unusually, it is also repeated near the mouth, but that may be because the copyist visibly redrew its course there, and wished to confirm the name. For a river name also to be repeated halfway along its course is not the map's regular practice. A further cause of confusion must be that copyists, if not even the mapmaker too, failed to realize that there are two rivers called Vmbro, one a tributary of the Arnvs, the other flowing into the Tyrrhenian Sea: see BAtlas 42 A3 and B2.

There is no chicane to mark the start of the stretch, only the fork in the route.

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