Name: Fl. Rhamma

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 10B5

Color image of immediate environs of Fl. Rhamma

Onward stretch:

  • XXIIII (24) Nisistv
    • The linework for this stretch is not marked.
    • From here on to Titana Fl., as well as to Thelser in the reverse direction, route linework drawn in red is lacking. However, from under Rhamma up to (but not under) the Fl. after Titana such linework with the appropriate chicanes can be discerned in faint, very thin pencil or the equivalent (seen best on the 1888 photograph). This is no doubt why Miller's lithograph (639) shows dotted linework. He takes it the full distance back to Thelser; on personal inspection of the parchment (March 2003), I saw no sign of any such extension.

Previous stretch:


Detail from 1888 photograph

Detail from 1888 photograph