Name: [ - ? - ]+E[ - ? - ] MA[ - ? - ]

Feature type: water

Segment grid: 7B5

Color image of immediate environs of [ - ? - ]+E[ - ? - ] MA[ - ? - ]

These meager traces of lettering in open water extend from below the Zorlanis stretch around to below that of Aprodisia. Not least because a hole in the plastic and its shadow coincide with the leftmost traces on the scan, they are best seen on the 1888 photograph. The vertical stroke of an unidentifiable incomplete letter precedes what I read very tentatively as "E". The "A" of "MA" is very faint. It is impossible to establish whether the two words evidently placed here (one sloping up towards the Apris symbol, the other away) comprise a single name, or two separate ones.


Detail from 1888 photograph

Detail from 1888 photograph