Name: [ - ? - ]e (island, no. 86)

Feature type: island

Segment grid: 8B1

Color image of immediate environs of [ - ? - ]e

A clearly identifiable "e" followed by a stop marks the end of this (short ?) name above the island. Before the "e", other letters can be seen, but not identified (and they do not seem to resemble "Levc").

Welser (1598; see Plate 4) shows two islands to the left of this one, the nearer named "Lemnos", the farther simply "Ins." (see also ItMiller 603-604, map 194). However, even Miller (604, notes 8, 9) admits to finding no trace of these islands or their names. There is some darkening of the parchment hereabouts, and two slits in it. On the scanned image, beware also a hole in the plastic and its shadow.