Name: [ - ? - ]rino[ - ? - ] (island, no. 84)

Feature type: island

Segment grid: 8B1

Color image of immediate environs of [ - ? - ]rino[ - ? - ]

I am uncertain about the reading; in particular, the final letter could perhaps be "a" rather than "o". In any event, I remain sceptical about Parpaton, and I also see no trace of the island which is being named.

Welser (1598, see Plate 4; also ItMiller 603) marks three islands to the left of Parpaton, two of them with names (Carisia, Diabate, nos. 74, 76). There do seem to be the merest traces of lettering hereabouts, but I can identify neither the names nor the islands, beyond the red dab (see note under island #83), which was taken to be Carisia.

To the right of Parpaton, Welser marks four islands in a row within 8B1, named successively Zerrios, Thas, Synas, Dionis (ItMiller 604, nos. 80, 82, 85, 86). The odd trace of lettering remains, but not a single letter is identifiable, nor can any island outline be seen. Consequently, the number of islands shown here, and their names, are all beyond confident recovery.