Name: [ - ? - ]c[.]v[ - ? - ] (island, no. 82)

Feature type: island

Segment grid: 8B1

Color image of immediate environs of [ - ? - ]c[.]v[ - ? - ]

The readings for both letters identified must remain very uncertain. Miller does not discuss his reading Delo at all.

There are traces of letters to the left of those that I identify, and it is unclear whether they form the start of this name, or a quite separate one. Welser (1598; see Plate 4) makes the latter choice, with the name Chios (ItMiller 605); I see no trace of the corresponding island, however.

Equally vanished are the island and name (Hicaria in ItMiller 603, map 194; Nicaria in 606) which Welser marks to the left of Chios in turn.