Name: [ - ? - ]clas[ - ? - ] (island, no. 77)

Feature type: island

Segment grid: 8B1

Color image of immediate environs of [ - ? - ]clas[ - ? - ]

This island and its name are best seen on the 1976 photograph. The island's outline appears to be ovoid, and the name to its right. I am most uncertain about reading the two letters "cl"; possibly no more than a single letter should precede them, because the space back to the island's outline is so limited.

To the left of this island Welser (1598; see Plate 4) marks one island, Zerrios, and to its right two within 8B1, Synas and Dionis (all on ItMiller 604). The merest traces of lettering do remain visible to the right at least, but that is all, and so it is now impossible to determine how far Welser is to be trusted here.