(river, no. 8)

Feature type: river

Segment grid: 1C2-1C4

Color image of immediate environs of unnamed place with reference number 8

Top left of the mouth, there appears to be the faintest trace of lettering (including "M" ?). If that is correct, this could conceivably be a name for the river rather than one for open water, since the river seems otherwise unnamed.

The apparent 'extension' (#8?) of the river leftwards from the mountain range (#8) towards the sea is a puzzle. Possibly, this was intended as another river altogether, with its source at the opposite end of the range (compare rivers 122, 125). In that case, however, it is strange that the copyist should begin marking it and then seek to erase it. Alternatively, having either seen it on the version he was copying, or having unthinkingly added it himself, might he then have interpeted it as an erroneous extension of river #8 flowing to the right, leading him to believe that erasure was called for ? Compare Fl. Pallia #26b and unnamed rivers #59, 60, 94, 116.