(river, no. 10T)

Feature type: river

Segment grid: 3A2

Color image of immediate environs of unnamed place with reference number 10T

In Miller's lithograph (ItMiller 189) this unnamed river #10T links #10S Ambrvm and #10U Vbartvm; the 1888 photograph creates the same impression. The scan, however, shows it to be false; leftwards, the river course stops short of Fl. Ambrvm.

There remains the possibility that the river course was drawn first to flow into the Ambrvm, and was then cut back with an erasure. Similarly it looks as if the Ambrvm in turn was drawn first to veer left and flow into the #10O Ticenvm; but after erasure its course was re-directed downwards.


There are no references relevant to this feature.

Detail from 1888 photograph

Detail from 1888 photograph