Name: Fl. [ - ? - ]a[ - ? - ] (river, no. 40)

Feature type: river

Segment grid: 4B5

Color image of immediate environs of Fl. [ - ? - ]a[ - ? - ]

Miller's reading is over-confident. The entire name is badly damaged, and as it proceeds (to the edge of the parchment, but not beyond), the harder it becomes to read. "Fl." does seem to stand first and then, after a space, a word in which only the third (?) letter can be distinguished; I read this as "a", and thus hesitate to endorse "Zerninv".

Lack of space both at the river's source and on land near its mouth prompts the unusual step of placing the name (in black lettering) in open water beyond the mouth. The names for rivers #46, 47 and 48 (and possibly others further to the right on Italy's Adriatic coast) are placed likewise for the same reason.