Name: Fl. Crate / Grater Fl. (river, no. 68)

Feature type: river

Segment grid: 6B1

Color image of immediate environs of <seg rend="red">Fl. Crate</seg> / Grater Fl.

The river is named twice, first near its source (in black, as "Grater Fl."), and second before its mouth, with the name extending a little into open water (in red, as "Fl. Crate", without Miller's final "r"). There is also a road station Crater Fl. (6B1). To add to the confusion hereabouts, the river is shown as originating in one mountain range (#59) and then flowing through another (#15). In reality, the river of this name should be flowing to the other side of the peninsula (thus up on this map, not down): compare BAtlas 46 D3-E2.