Name: Fl. Girin (river, no. 80)

Feature type: river

Segment grid: 6C2-7C2

Color image of immediate environs of Fl. Girin

An explanatory notice in black ink extends over two lines (all in 7C1, except for the first few letters in 6C5): ".. Flvm(en) q(vi)dam grin vocant alii nilvm appellant dicit(vr) eni(m) svb terra etyopvm i(n) nylvm ire lacv(m)" / "River which some term the Grin [and] others call the Nile, because it is said to go under the land of the Ethiopians into a lake [of ?] the Nile." On personal inspection of the parchment (March 2003), I saw no trace of the "hoc" which Miller reads for the opening word. I do see two (?) letters ("in" ?), but these are placed about a quarter-inch before "Flvm(en)" and thus do not seem connected with it. The "F" of "Flvm(en)" coincides with a vertical crease.