(river, no. 124)

Feature type: river

Segment grid: 9C2-9C3

Color image of immediate environs of unnamed place with reference number 124

The river's source is a spring or small lake (compare river #87). For its course to proceed through a mountain range (#117) is strikingly uncharacteristic of the mapmaker. One or more missteps by a copyist are possibly the cause. The blob of green ink in 9C3 above the river's middle course is surely a mistake, perhaps a careless initial placement of lake #19, although one might have expected an outline in black ink to be drawn first in the map's normal style. At any rate, our copyist neither gave further attention to this blob, nor erased it (in my view Miller 959 is wrong to consider it a lake), but its presence may then have required him to place the mountain range symbol further to the right than he otherwise should have; hence the river ran through it.