Name: Camvlodvno

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 1A1

Color image of immediate environs of Camvlodvno

Onward stretch:

  • V (5) Adansam
    • The stretch carrying the distance figure (V) is far too short to accommodate the name Camvlodvno. Whether the (longer) preceding stretch is intended to be for it (so that two stretches are meant as one), or for the name placed above it (Cavnonio), is impossible to determine. Here, and immediately below, the two instances of three stacked names - most uncharacteristic of the map's presentation - are hard to account for. Conceivably, our copyist, or an earlier one, was working from an unevenly torn edge. To reproduce it as he found it was perhaps neither practical nor appropriate; but he could preserve, albeit clumsily, a few names that lay to the left of his straight vertical margin ? See further under Madvs.

Previous stretch: