Name: Avḡ Svessor(vm)

Feature type: symbol Aa1, named

Segment grid: 1A4

Color image of immediate environs of Avḡ Svessor(vm)

Onward stretches:

  • XXI (21) Baca conervio
    • The linework for this stretch is not marked.
    • The distance figure XXI placed midway between Avg Svessor(vm) and Baca conervio indicates a route for which the linework is missing. Puzzles remain. BAtlas 11 D2-D3 marks no such route, and prompts doubt as to whether it existed; certainly a distance figure of XXI seems inaccurate. ItMiller appears to ignore the route; it is missing from Map 20 in cols. 61-62, and I find no discussion of it. At the same time the figure XXI features plainly on Miller's lithograph (col. 28). The possibility that he might consider it to be a misplaced distance figure for the first of the Avg Svessor(vm)-Dvrocortoro stretches is ruled out; he simply records this figure as omitted (col. 64).
    • River crossing: (river, no. 4)
  • (no distance figure) (unnamed / illegible, no. 3)

Previous stretches: