Name: Bibe

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 1A4

Color image of immediate environs of Bibe

Onward stretches:

  • none? (none?) (unnamed / illegible, no. 3)
    • So far as I can determine, ItMiller leaves this stretch out of account, although his lithograph marks it. See further note under the other stretch from Bibe.
  • XXII? (22?) Avḡ Bona
    • The distance figure XXII seems more likely to refer to this stretch from Bibe that turns downwards to create an extra chicane. The mapmaker no doubt added it in this way to avoid the symbol name Avg Bona, rather than running the stretch direct into the symbol. Conceivably, the continuation from Bibe to the Avg Svessor(vm) - Dvrocortoro route is a copyist's erroneous addition (compare the horizontal continuation from Gerainas in 2B2). It happens to feature very clearly on the map, whereas the extra chicane below is fainter, perhaps because it seems to coincide with a crease.

Previous stretch: