Name: Avḡ D[ - ? - ]m

Feature type: symbol Aa1, named

Segment grid: 1B5

Color image of immediate environs of Avḡ D[ - ? - ]m

Only the first and last letters of D[ - ? - ]m are legible; in between there is space for three letters or more.

Onward stretch:

  • XXI (21) Cabillione
    • ItMiller (Map 31) evidently interprets the distance figure as XXII with no stop at the end, even though the lithograph (col. 27) reproduces it accurately as XXI followed by the usual stop. Note that the route linework top left of Aug D[ - ? - ]m does not quite touch the symbol, although it was no doubt intended to.
    • River crossing: Fl. Arar (river, no. 9B)

Previous stretches: