Name: Alarante

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 2B2

Color image of immediate environs of Alarante

Onward stretch:

  • XVIII (18) Vapincvm
    • Miller's argument (134), with reference to the Vicarello Cups (CIL XI. 3281-84), that this second Alarante and (different) distance figure together amount to erroneous repetition, is attractive. On the other hand, it does depend upon distances figures, which are notoriously liable to be distorted by successive copyings. The fundamental slip may rather be repetition of the name by a copyist in place of an original one, different and now irrecoverable. Note that BAtlas 17 G5 shows a fork on the route from Alabonte to Vappincum. The Vicarello Cups do not record stopping-points with the same thoroughness as, say, ItBurd. There is at least one other error in this part of the map, namely the absence of route linework for the (supposed) branch from Vapincvm to Geminas. Repetition of Geminas on the route above is also a possibility; see note there.

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