Name: Brigantione

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 2B3

Color image of immediate environs of Brigantione

Onward stretch:

  • VI (6) IN alpecottia
    • The next stretch (IN alpecottia) is to cross the mountain range (#14), and the copyist (or mapmaker ?) as usual wishes to avoid writing over it. He therefore places this name along the preceding stretch (Brigantione). But since this stretch is fairly short, no room remains for its own name and distance figure, which are written above instead. The result duly fulfils the aim of keeping the mountain range clear of lettering, but it creates other untidiness as well as potential confusion. At first glance, users of the map might well assume that the name IN alpecottia is placed above the stretch to which it relates, and that Brigantione above it names the following stretch. Only the fact that IN alpecottia lacks a distance figure close by (it is postponed to the far end of the following stretch, across the mountain range) tells against this assumption.

Previous stretch: