Name: Cambete

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 2A3

Color image of immediate environs of Cambete

This Cambete must be a duplicate of that on the route above (2A4).

Onward stretch:

  • VII (7) Arialbinvm
    • Note that the two stretches Cambete-Arialbinvm-Avgvsta Rvracvm also form part of the road above (Arialbinvm spelled there with double “n”), with the same distance figures, although not stretches drawn to match in length. To judge by BAtlas 18 E2, it seems unlikely that there really were two such parallel routes. Rather, the mapmaker has duplicated routes in error. No doubt the Large stretch should have been extended to the beginning of the Cambete stretch on the upper route, even though this would make the Large stretch unattractively long.

Previous stretch: