ISAW Bibliographic Infrastructure

Recently we have been comparing ISAW's needs for managing bibliography (references and citations of both print and digital materials) with related needs across the rest of the digital projects in which ISAW participates. As a result, we've begun work on a shared bibliographic infrastructure, which we intend to open to outside collaboration. Pages linked from here are design and development documents related to this effort.


We will model our bibliographic information as RDF triples, using (primarily) the Bibliographic Ontology and the Concordia Thesaurus. These triples will be managed in a triplestore (Mulgara), coupled with a SOLR instance to support more intuitive searching. Various clients will be developed to support search, addition and editing of useful subsections of the graph. This system will eventually support citation in Pleiades, the Papyrological Navigator, ISAW Digital Publications and the ISAW website. We will also support and encourage the promulgation of healthy patterns for citation on the web by adding uniform guidance to individual resource pages in our projects and by building tools that exploit these patterns to provide meaningful user experiences.


  • BiblioBackground (what has been done previously or concurrently in related teams or by our partners)
  • BiblioCode (working and demo code)
  • BiblioData (examples of triples we've been using for development and testing)
  • BiblioIdentifiers (proposed rules for assigning identifiers for individual resources)
  • BiblioModel (how we're modeling our information in RDF)
  • BiblioUseCases (add stories and sketches for use here)


basic design idea from geekmoot (September 2010)